Open Austrian Nationals 2023 – Wiener Neustadt

The Open Austrian Speed Skydiving Nationals took place from October 5th to 8th in Wiener Neustadt (south to Vienna). Perfect autumn weather from Wednesday to Saturday made it possible to complete all 8 Speed Skydiving rounds aside the other disciplines, 4-Way Formation, 8-Way Formation, 2-Way Vertical Formation, Freefly and Freestyle.

Several new comers from Austria (some with promising performance) and international participant completed a field of 15 competitors, competing in the air over Wiener Neustadt. World Class Athlete Fabian Wernli from Switzerland dominated the open event from begin on and was able to go faster than 500 kmph. As in the past years the battle for Austrian Speed Skydiving Champion was very close between Rainer Tuschl (2022 Champion) and Reinhard Wiesenhofer (2021 Champion). With a Personal Best in round 7 and a pretty good one in round 8, Reinhard was able to took over the lead from Rainer.

Fabian Wernli Switzerland won the open event with an overall average of 491.03 kmph. Reinhard Wiesenhofer won the Austrian Speed Skydiving Championship with an overall average of 469.42 kmph, very close followed by Rainer Tuschl with an average of 467.31 kmph. Best female competitor was Anna Nordin from Germany. Anna improved her Personal Best to 343.45 kmph. The final results and all scores are public on Intimescoring. The ISSA Eternal Ranking is already updated.

Words by Arnold Hohenegger

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Photos by Alexandra Molnar (@_alexandra.molnar_) und Sandor Perneki (

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