Marco Hepp World Champion 2022

ISSA is introducing Marco Hepp from Germany, current Speedskydiving World Champion and Speedskydiving World Record Holder. During the FAI World Speed Skydiving Championships in Eloy Arizona Marco pushed the World and European Record to fantastic 529.77 kmph (Highest Average Speed).

Marco started Skydiving in 2010. At his home DZ FSC Schwaben e.V. (Günzburg, Germany) an other well known speedskydiver (Moritz Friess) organized several big Speedskydiving events with up do 60 competitors. So Marco got in contact with Speedskydiving early in his skydiving career … and the discipline captured him:

I love to push my personal limits and speed skydiving is the purist way to push myself. Also the family contact of the community is great. Together we show what is possible.

Marco is not a Skydiving professional he is full-time employed and uses a big part of his sparetime for training, competition and voluntary work for the Speedskydiving community. Marco is supported by:

  • Paratec
  • Cypres
  • L&B Altimeters
  • Boogie Man Suits
  • Skyhelmets
  • Total Energies
  • FSC Schwaben
  • Skydive-MV
  • GoJump America
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