Niklas Daniel Team World Champion 2022

ISSA is introducing Niklas Daniel from the United States, current Team Speed Skydiving World Champion, Open/Male Silver Medalist, and Second on the Eternal Ranking list. During the FAI World Speed Skydiving Championships in Eloy Arizona Nik pushed his personal record to 520.87 kmph (Highest Average Speed), collecting two Continental Records.

Nik started Skydiving in 2004 at Perris Valley, CA and became an IBA tunnel instructor shortly after. In 2010 he made Skydive Arizona his home DZ when he moved there with his wife, teammate, and business partner Brianne Thompson to start their coaching business.

One of the aspects I truly enjoy about Speed Skydiving is experimenting with different body postures, angles of attack, exit techniques and equipment. I believe we will see a lot of innovation in the near future.”

Co-founder of AXIS Flight School, Nik is a full-time professional skydiving and wind tunnel instructor/coach. Nik is a multidisciplinary competitor, having over the years collected 7 World medals and 16 US National medals. In his off time, Nik likes to write, take pictures, fly airplanes, paraglide, and play videogames. Nik is sponsored by:


What is speed skydiving? AXIS YouTube Short

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