FAI First Category Event

FAI World Cup & European Championships 2023 – Medals & Records

This FAI First Category Event took place in Prostejov Czech Republic from August 19th to 26th 2023. 31 Competitors from 11 countries competed for Gold, Silver and Bronze in the World Cup and European Championships, 30 percent were female competitors. In a FAI First Category Event not only the medals are counting, new records are counting as well. The scores were great, especially the Ladies pushed the boundaries for records to new heights. Congratulations to all on the Podium (Individual and Team), to all who set new records and to all who improved their Personal Best (the Eternal Ranking is already updated).


G1 Records – Female

G1 Records – Team

G2 Records (Performance) – General, Female, Junior

According to FAI Sporting Code Section 5 also Performance Record can be set during a First Category Event – the class and category is Maximum Vertical Speed without drouge. If you are wondering … Felix Baumgartner only filed the World Record in this category, so there were plenty of opportunities to set new G2 records (female, junior, continental).


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